Welcome to the website of this centuries-old chalet! After extensive restoration work, the chalet is available to rent in its entirety. Whether you’re a group or family of skiing enthusiasts, mountaineers, or nature lovers, here you can enjoy your holiday at any time of year. The chalet is located close to the pistes, so you can literally put your skis on and take them off again right in front of the door, something that would make even the most jaded skier happy. The extensive Monterosa Ski area, known for its excellent skiing both on and off piste, is right outside the door of this charming traditional alpine chalet.

Readers of ‘the eight mountains’ from Paolo Cognetti will intensely experience the atmosphere and ambiance of this masterpiece!

Lodge Chalet Gol is located in the village of Cuneaz, located at an altitude of 2081 metres, making it the highest working alpine village in the Italian Alps. Cuneaz looks directly out on the south face of the nearby Matterhorn. The village is located uphill of the skiing village Champoluc in the Aosta Valley. The chalet has been authentically restored and the exterior boasts the Walser-style alpine characteristics like a roof made of large natural stone plates, stone walls, and wooden balconies. The interior is rugged, with old wood and some of the original stone. It has a large central open fire and a typical lodge decor. The living area is spacious and open, with a number of sofas and an open kitchen, so you and your family or friends can share each other’s company without getting in each other’s way.

There are roughly twenty other authentic houses in the village; and especially in the evenings, when the windows are lit and the scent of wood fires wafts on the breeze, the village looks like something right out of the pages of the Brothers Grimm. A stroll around the village shouldn’t be missed. If you really want to experience genuine Italian cuisine, head downhill to the village of Champoluc, where you can purchase an Italian prosciutto or a delicious grappa in one of the local delicatessens. The culinary delights in the countless charming alpine restaurants, including the (literally and figuratively) top restaurant L’Aroula in Cuneaz itself, are served with characteristic Italian dedication. Most restaurants, especially the ones along the pistes, are open during the day and evening. We recommend taking an early trip to Alagna and coming back in time for lunch at: Ristorante Theatre Unione Alagna +39 0163922930

Lodge Chalet Gol is perfect for adventurers. For instance, don’t expect to be able to drive up to the door in winter. You can park your car in the aerial tramway car park or we will reserve an indoor garage for you just under the tramway. You’ll spend the week on a mountainside. From the moment you arrive, your transport will be your skis and the ski lifts – but for your luggage and groceries, you can arrange to use one of the snowmobiles in Cuneaz. On the first day, we will transport your entire group plus your luggage up to Cuneaz by piste basher. At the end of the week, the luggage will be brought down by snowmobile. In summer, you need to have a four-wheel-drive vehicle to drive the unsurfaced mountain roads up to the chalet. Alternatively, you can take a beautiful fifteen-minute hike from the aerial tramway car park, following in the tracks of the Walser people who used to live here (and many of Cuneaz’s current residents too!).